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Personally created by the creator, Mara holds the title of “Most Tended One”, also “Spirit of 6 Cherished Parts”, and “Dearest”.

Created by the creator as the manifold spirit of change, Mara was intended to have both a dark and light side, innovation and greed, selflessness and ignorance.

Mara is deeply tied to creation and with creation half finished so Mara is incomplete. With the realms fractured and at differing levels of completeness so Mara is fractured and incomplete.

The most complete realm is ‘Earth’ the realm of animals. Titan was hosting a franchise demonstration from Ebb until it broke under the strain. Heaven is an administrative staging ground and Hell is being used as temporary accommodation. Hunger, the realm of ghosts is a pallet of half finished creations, exists without fixed dimensions or location. The Human realm doesn’t exist yet as a place and remains formless, clusters of bright lights in the sky.


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