The Test Run

Half Built World

The creator built the world from orriginal ideas and kitsets. He created birds and beasts but mostly brought pre-packaged bundles to save time. He created gods, well one god and then he interviewed for the top positions and delegated the rest of the process.

You might well ask what the creator actually created at the end of it! And its a tricky question to answer. Well the creator created this and that, certainly the mountains and sea and all of that. The creator had some ideas for this and that and if the creator had been working full time rather than after work then it might have been slightly more orriginal. As it was the Creator often went shopping for parts and the result was a bit DIY but the creator was generally happy with creation.

Tests of creation were often run. Sometimes these were small, just a wind and a tree, more recently full test runs of creation were scheduled.

Creation being incomplete the tests allowed a few things that were generally not considered suitable for fully fledged space time continuum. Things like a gravity were held in check in many places, as was time in some instances. Any number of eccentricities were overlooked to allow for an evaluation of the overall ascetic.

The creator had just left to go do something else when the test run set to run in his absence encountered trouble. It began with the Realm of Titan, almost entirely built and populated by the Ebb franchise, cracking under the strain. This was co-incidental to the real problem which was the failure of the test to terminate, as it was intended to do in the case of parts of creation collapsing into fragments.

The failure of the tests termination was engineered by Mara. Mara’s plan was almost collapsed when Titan cracked but a last minute change to the plan and the test continued, an incomplete and imperfect creation filled with placemarkers. The plan was simple and extraordinary, tie the end of creation to something that wouldn’t move using something that wouldn’t break under the strain.

The termination of a test was preceded by giant glowing letters formed near the toolbox realm of Hunger and drifted upward until somewhere out past Heaven they gently dissolved. Despite their ethereal entry and exit from creation they were solid enough while present. Solid enough to wrap a chain around.

The Realm of Titan had been causing some trouble for some time and its cracking under the strain was only the most recent in a string of trouble. At one point during a simulated war between dragons, giants, and demons.

The Test Run

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